Red Circle

by Van der Saar

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This is the first VdS LP.

Recorded by VdS at Pine, R+ J and a flat in Edinburgh.

Art by Nson at Tiny Studios

Thanks: Owen, Maz, Nson, Danny, J, Michael, MGK, R+J, Mark Ritchie.

And you, Calton Hill. There was nowhere else to go, you know.

Gingham FC



released September 22, 2009

Allan Lewis- all songs, words and instrumentation


all rights reserved



Van der Saar London, Ontario

Welter-fi scraps of rock + electricity.

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Track Name: City Dream
I have a wrap of speed in my hand...
Track Name: Oxford Collapse
You heed your friend's advice.
You pay attention- why do you stay with him?
Don't leave your bed undone.

I'll move in shade of light.
And burn your palace- who gave them the right
to leave our bed undone?
Track Name: Penn State
Tell me how to wax when you're on the wane;
passing through your prime goes slip, crack, heavy bags.
And tell me are your days are they too cold
dreaming of the noises in the night when they're loud and close to you?

Tell me, all your days, are they like this:
taking hold slowly with the thought, going "Oops, I fucked with you."
And like your sore head, you become like everyone else with not enough space
And your friends... oh, your friends.
The won't let you.

Red Circle who you miss,
Red Circle who you kiss.
Track Name: You Are a Chinese Girl
And there you are
Dancing out a warning like a minotaur
Cocaine in the morning at your breakfast bar
Who wants to try any more?

You quit the town
Eager to be home and get the liquor down
A few more lines of promise and that choking sound
Stagger and fall to the floor

Baby, I'm a soldier
Baby, I'd have warned you
Maybe this is over.

We'll tie our hopes to the hidden rays
The full steam nights and the post-noon daze
As time goes
Rest our heads on the shoulder of doubt.

There's four doors:
All of them closed;
there's no opening anything.

You're fading fast,
trying to catch the things that move in the dark.
Track Name: The Southern Wall
Here on the Southern Wall
I cover my eyes and prepare to fall
It's all about you;
it's all about you on the wall.

And if it were up to me
I'd cover my eyes and fall in the sea.
It's not about me;
it's all about you on the Southern Wall.

They'll take your home, your lifetime,
and sell your bones for 200 years.
You thought it was over...
Track Name: Who Knows Who
I find you impossible to take
You find me everywhere.
What can I do for me and you
before our love is all done?

Who knows who
when everything is fucked,
and who loved you more than me?
Track Name: Kay's Lonely Cup
Track Name: I'm Leaving For Manhattan
What I've got is easy to say to you
Not at all.

But I'm not, and you're not, and she's...

She moved like I knew she could
I caved like always would.
Not at all.
Track Name: City Dream II
Lying in the road,
I'm down by Sunday.
Nothing in my heart
but a night receding.
I can't even say I love you, just the same,
but no one's listening.
Track Name: Disney Hi-Tops
You were only a moment, a day in a dream,
and I'm falling to bits every year
that passes without you,
a fool, I believe
you're bound to appear.

So I call you- I scream out your name,
And you return with a voice no one hears.
And scared that your love is the ghost in my dream
I take to your side.

I hold you near
and I promise, dear:
I'll marry you soon as you're seen.
Darling, I'll tell you what:
You're my girl
You're the sun in the sky.

The moment I see you, I'll fall on my knees.
You have no idea, do you?
Track Name: Pink Beach
Just for a moment
stand where you are.
An olden arena
the scent of the pines.
Take in the distance,
take in the sky,
take in the lightning bolt
that's tearing the night.

Who are we now?
Track Name: Eyes of Arnold
I took you up in my hands
and I'm a boy in a swoon.
And where you been?
What does "I've been down in the South" even mean?

The two of us are going to meet.
If it's cold you get my coat-
the two of us are going to meet.
We gotta meet.