August 2nd, 2016

Saw These and Thought of You – June

Allan Lewis | Van der Saar
(Sorry this post was slow. I’m aware that we’re into August. Put this on tumblr but for whatever reason did not mount it here. Oh well.)

There was more colour in June, but not a ton of time for photos. A/B testing my life away, if you can believe that (I can’t). Still managed to sneak a few shots, as I always do. Really enjoying the little one taking a “Juice Box Whizz.”

The music’s missing from this project, but the motivation’s returning. Gosh there’s a lot on, don’t you ever find?

Halfway through the year project and I’m still thinking of you. Do you think we’ll ever meet and figure things out? One by one, perhaps we’ll try. Love you.


Juice Box Whizz

Allan Lewis | Van der Saar

Allan Lewis | Van der Saar

Allan Lewis | Van der Saar


Allan Lewis | Van der Saar

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