Rave Mates | EP (3 songs) | May 2018

No One Remembers | LP (10 songs) | September 2014

Tracks: A Fume or Two/ Pear/ Green Mustang/ Fake Rick/ Michelle’s Skins/ River Hame/ Sun Drip/ Drive Me Past the Sun/ Nice Little Secret/ Lesson

River Hame | Single (2 songs) | August 2014

Tracks: River Hame/ Office of Hearts

Sixty Six | EP (3 songs) | January 2012

Tracks: Sixty Six/ Soixante Six/ 66

Lowpass | EP (5 songs) | June 2011

Tracks: Sansico/ About the Sun/ Surf Song/ Battle James/ St. George

Red Circle | LP (12 songs) | September 2009

Tracks: City Dream/ Oxford Collapse/ Penn State/ You Are a Chinese Girl/ The Southern Wall/ Kay’s Lonely Cup/ Who Knows Who/ I’m Leaving for Manhattan/ City Dream II/ Disney Hi-Tops/ Pink Beach/ Eyes of Arnold

Swedish Sheets| EP (9 songs) | January 2007

Tracks: Drunken Despots/ Prog! Solo! Mess!/ Junior Slumps, Pretend Jumps/ Lapsed Humans/ Last Lines/ The Night He Retired/ Lion/ Mazelton Lanes/ I Am Wing Machine

Your Friends Are Knives | EP (8 songs) | September 2005

Van der Saar | Your Friends Are Knives

Tracks: Actress/ Gris et Nuageux/ Boiling Lakes/ That Plane Could Crash/ I am the only other person in this room/ Straight From the Train/ Northern Ghost/ Your Friends Are Knives

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