August 14th, 2015


Van der Saar | Allan Lewis
Most of my clothes are in a bag or on the floor by the bed. A few things made it onto this dresser. I see a watch in there (don’t know that I’ve worn it lately), and a lens cap, maybe. I love it here, but it’s good to know that this part is almost over.

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July 28th, 2015


Van der Saar | Allan Lewis
If you’ve ever skated on a ramp and done any tricks that involve leaving its surface you’ll know that you want to try to land in the transition, the curve at the base of ramp. It’s safest there.

This is about the smoothest transition I can think of. It’s safe here, too, but it’s strange. I miss you this morning.


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January 6th, 2015

Basement Holiday

Over the holidays some brothers-and-cousins-in-law and I landed in a basement laden (or rich) with old things: old sights; old smells; old sounds; all hidden in an old house in an old part of town. We listened to a few of the 6,000-odd available records and drank afternoon beers that led to the eventual unraveling of our composure after Boxing Day dinner. It’s nothing special. It’s not even that much to show you, but it’s available for your review all the same.


Van der Saar | Allan Lewis

Van der Saar | Allan Lewis

Van der Saar | Allan Lewis

Van der Saar | Allan Lewis


November 25th, 2014

A Bit of News

Van der Saar
I woke up early the other day to finish work on a freelance project. The coffee was hot and strong; I felt winter’s cold creep through the laminate on the basement floor. Turning on the desk light it struck me that No One Remembers is a project that’s come and gone. At this time last year there were parts to record: bass; synth; shaker. Today, something that lasted 1.5 years is now simply out there. It’s slipped from my fingers- certainly not to die, but to take on its own life. Watching its trajectory has been interesting: it certainly didn’t fly from the Internet’s shelves, but that’s another thing (if it’s even the point- also a different discussion).

In the meantime there’s a VdS band assembled to start playing live. Each weekend we land in a rehearsal room in Scarborough for a few hours, acquainting ourselves with each other and figuring out how to play a set of songs live. The consensus seems to be “loudly” and “at speed.” You might imagine this is a comfortable arrangement for the three of us.

With the band starting up I’ve wondered why it’s taken nine years to play VdS songs live. I have no answer – only theories – other than that it feels a little strange. Stranger still will be playing shows in a band that does not recall parts of Toronto, medieval language, or imagined life arcs, but in one that preceded and outlasts them all. For its durability at least, there’s lots to be said for Van der Saar.

In the meantime, thanks for your continued support. Have a peek through some shots below of the space where I recorded NOR. It was a nice, sunny day in the spring when I took these. My daughter was chasing me around the rooms and crawling under the drums. She is an interesting little thing.



Van der Saar






Van der Saar

September 16th, 2014


Van der Saar | No One Remembers | Allan Lewis
It was raining, or it could have been, or it should have been. You didn’t have to kiss me like that when you said goodbye. You with your same old pull, and me spinning around you, every day and every year. But now there isn’t anything left for you. The tank is dry, my dear.

I ran into someone who ran into you and there we were: that one night when I jumped off the bus and ran after you. That was silly. I don’t remember why I did that. I should’ve stayed on that bus for good.

Apart from the weight of those cans in their plastic bag my mind is a muddle. I stayed at your house, but only just. I woke up and found my way to the station by the river, drinking freely en route to fetch a best friend from the train. And then more drinking, with Russian girls ripping things from our arms, spotting conquests from a balcony bar; running, tumbling into the walls.

– Can I iron something for you?
– Naw man, play that song again.
– You’re on, kid.

No one remembers that it was my birthday, or that I smoked a cigarette and fell down the stairs – passed out and then refreshed by the night air – dressed like a young man who didn’t know any better.


No One Remembers

is released NEXT TUESDAY, September 23, 2014. Soy excitado.

September 8th, 2014


Van der Saar | No One Rememers | Allan Lewis

There was a time when we might have got along together: had a pint, maybe smoked something funny together. But even as people who’ve never met and scarcely know each other I feel like we’re moving apart. That’s okay, I guess. We were only ever friends through the post and the ether. Even still, I wonder what you were like when you were twenty and (presumably) still had the prospect of life ahead of you.

I think about my idea of you here and there. I like your outlook, your drive to obliterate, your immersion in the tiny, offbeat world you created half on purpose, half by accident. I have some notion of what your world is like, but it’s fantastic; were I actually privy I think I’d move right along- just like you: roaming from bar to bar.

What scares me is how avid you are about giving up on life. Cliches abound, but you’ve forgotten about all but a small fraction of your life. The only part left that concerns you is that which lets you craft and chronicle your march to oblivion. I thought about writing to you for real once, but I’m afraid that I’d never hear from you again, that your principles would close our case for good.

No one remembers how I felt when you, a stranger unsolicited, first wrote me back. I was in an internet cafe and you, I suspect, were in your own bad way. I hope that the days treat you well. It can’t be too far from the bottom, now.


–> No One Remembers is the 2nd Van der Saar LP. It comes out 23 September, 2014.

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