Allan Lewis | Van der Saar
Allan Lewis is a musician living in Toronto. He writes and records as Van der Saar in his home studio. Five VdS releases have seen the light of day since the project started in 2005, including the 2009 LP Red Circle and 2012′s Sixty Six EP.

VdS began as a way to pass the time when Allan was in university, and continues today in much the same way. Early songs were sparse and rough with promise, and have made way for recordings that are more layered and refined.

Guitar, bass and drums, as well as piano and synthesizer are the favoured tools for transmitting the VdS message. Strong melodies and a darker, moodier feel are the hallmarks of a typical VdS tune, though many manage a sense of hope and optimism as well.

Plans to build Van der Saar into a proper band are regularly entertained, though rarely seriously. Recording is the heart of this home, so to speak. Listen to Van der Saar if you like Mogwai, Grandaddy or Blur. VdS doesn’t sound like these bands directly, though- they’re only references. In the end, you should listen to Van der Saar because you like Van der Saar.


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